Founder : Emma Harvey-Pugh

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I am passionate about helping both businesses and individuals unlock their true potential. By helping them better understand their wellbeing, strengths and energisers, and putting into place effective plans to help them operate at their best.

As a Strengthscope® Master Practioner, and having also developed a strategic partnership with Lumien©, I have been able to create a totally unique solution which includes a blend of tools and coaching, that can be tailored to suit your bespoke requirements.

Packages available for individuals and teams.

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Approved by both Strengthscope® and Lumien©
Giving you best-in-class tools and coaching.


Your personal strengths report will help you enhance performance and energy. Improving your understanding of your unique combination of strengths and how to develop them. As used by more than 80 of the FTSE 250.

Measure the impact of strengths coaching within your business and see how engagement levels have increased over the period. You will also get additional tips to continue to drive a positive and productive work culture.


Your personal wellbeing report gives you insights into your current wellbeing. Identify areas potentially holding you back, get recommendations to help improve them and track changes over time.

Use innovative wellbeing reporting tools to understand your employees wellbeing, see where you are losing productivity and the financial impact, compare teams and geographies, and see the ROI of your wellbeing program.

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If you would like to find out more about strengths coaching and how it could benefit you. Use the link below to book a free no-obligation consultation.