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People are at the centre of the success of every organsiation. From Business Owners through to Leaders and their teams, the business is nothing without them. Therefore it's crucial to keep everyone engaged and ensure you are getting the best from them.

Levelation will help you understand your team, their best qualities and how to align them to your strategy and help you achieve your goals. Enhance your apprenticeship, graduate and onboarding programs. Empower your managers to be great leaders and build stronger teams.


- Improve confidence & contribution
- Identify career aspirations
- Identify and communicate your personal brand
- Cope better under stress
- Understand your impact on others
- Have better conversations with people around you


- Build stronger teams
- See how to leverage the strengths of others
- Help your direct reports achieve their goals
- Give strengths-based feedback
- Make meaningful action plans


- Connect with and appreciate others
- Strengthen newly formed teams
- Support teams going through change
- Deal with unhealthy conflict
- Take team performance to the next level

"The strengths program really helped me when writing my CV because I was able to write about myself, without just sticking to specific skills and qualifications, It's also helpful with interviews too for the same reason.

It has helped me with getting my first job and it's definitely helping to focus my time and energy using what I now know as my strengths. This has helped me to enjoy teaching more and (I think) has made me a better teacher as well.

I'm feeling really happy with where I am right now and I am much more confident. I am so grateful for the opportunity."

Jessica, Graduate

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