There are many options available to help support you get to where you want to go.

How do you know which is right for you?

A training course is perfect for addressing knowledge gaps, refreshing old skills, or developing new skills. Giving you a formal and structured knowledge transfer. But how do you take development to the next level?

Our handy guide will help you decide whether coaching or mentoring is best suited to your needs.

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A coach provides guidance to help achieve your goals and reach your full potential.

STYLE : Participative

A coach will ask questions, challenge and encourage you, Giving you space to reflect and reach your own solution.

FOCUS : Performance specific

Improving a specific area such as confidence or engagement. Focusing on a specific goal, the coach's questions will help you understand more about you as a person and develop an action plan.

OUTCOMES : Measurable, specific

STRUCTURE : Short-term, formal

Coaching programs typically run for 6-12months, or are linked to achievement of a specific goal.


Maximsing talent 

Adapting to changes

Addressing a behavioural habit

Improving motivation and confidence

Preparing for career advancement

Enhance development programs

what is mentoring.jpg

A mentor shares knowledge, skills and experience to help you develop and grow.

STYLE : Directive

A mentor will do most of the talking. Sharing their own perspective and giving specific feedback and advice.

FOCUS : Career development 

The mentor's own career path is key to the engagement as the mentor will help guide through a similar path, recommend relevant resources and help develop useful contacts to support career development goals.

OUTCOMES : Often changeable and difficult to measure

STRUCTURE : Long-term, informal

Engagements often last for years with informal meeting frequency, set as and when the mentee requires.


Looking for a role model

Career progression

Learning a particular job

Increasing collaboration

Gaining organisational knowledge

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