" The strengths program really helped me when writing my CV because I was able to write about myself, without just sticking to specific skills and qualifications, It's also helpful with interviews too for the same reason.

It has helped me with getting my first job and it's definitely helping to focus my time and energy using what I now know as my strengths. This has helped me to enjoy teaching more and (I think) has made me a better teacher as well.

I'm feeling really happy with where I am right now and I am much more confident. I am so grateful for the opportunity."

Jessica, Graduate

"I can honestly say working with Emma has opened up my eyes to the way that I approach my daily working routine now.

The techniques and information Emma helped me understand are simple but very effective when it comes to approaching tasks that you may find you have less motivation for etc. Helping me understand how I view certain tasks and what strengths I use to complete them.

I cannot recommend Emma highly enough as well as Levelation for a fantastic program and would encourage any individual or business to take a look at the program."

John, Consultant

" The program was more than the careers conversations at school. It's not just about the type of job I could do. It showed me how to approach work in a way I will enjoy and do well too.

I now understand my strengths, what they mean, and how to focus my CV and interview answers on my best qualities and give examples.

Before, I didn't know what I was going say to employers, other than my exam grades and hobbies.

Now, I've been able to confidently talk about my natural strengths and use them every day. I was offered the first role I applied for and I know that this program definitely helped me acheive that."

Cole, School Leaver

​"I sought some support from Emma in the lead up to an interview. I thought I had a fairly good handle on my strengths but doing the strengths assessment made me look at things in a completely new way - it gave me awareness of what energises and drains me, areas of growth, and helped me to identify how to build and grow all of my skills. All in a way that feels natural to me, so I know I can easily use this approach and mindset everyday.

Emma was warm, professional and clearly knowledgeable. She enabled me to feel extremely comfortable and listened to, in a situation where I could have felt quite vulnerable. There are lots of skill/ strength/ style analytical programs and tools out there, but I would definitely recommend Levelation above the others I have tried, and will be returning to Emma for further support."

Jenny, Business Leader